Reporting anti-Muslim hate

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How to report a Twitter user

You must be logged into Twitter to report an account.

Step 1

  • Click the gear icon next to the Follow button at the top of the offending user's page

Step 2

  • Click Report in the drop-down

Step 3

  • Specify the problem with the user, in this case They're being abusive or harmful

  • Click Next

Step 4

  • Specify how the user is being problematic, in this case Engaging in harassment or violence

  • Click Next

Step 5

  • Specify who the user is targeting, in this case Someone else

  • Click Next

Step 6

  • Specify how the user is targeting them, in this case Being disrespectful or offensive

  • Click Next

Step 7

  • The user has now been reported, and Twitter presents the options to block content and/or contact from them until the report has been reviewed

  • Click Done to leave the reporting interface

Don't Forget!

  • Remember to add your reported item to Fight Against Hate so we can monitor the time taken by Twitter to remove the content.