Reporting anti-Muslim hate

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How to report a Facebook image

Depending on how you are viewing an image on Facebook, the reporting button may or may not be initially visible or accessible. Whilst the report button varies by interface however, the reporting process itself is subsequently consistent.

Step 1A: Timeline view

  • When viewing an image as a post on a Facebook timeline, move the cursor over the post to reveal a chevron (v shape) at the top right of the post.

  • Click the chevron to reveal the post options, then click Report post

Step 1B: Popup view

  • When viewing an image as a popup (usually by clicking on a post on a Facebook timeline), move the cursor to the bottom of the image.*

  • Click Options to reveal the image options, then click Report Photo.

*The popup view does not always show the bottom options by default, in which case moving the cursor to where they would appear underneath the image will make them visible. They may take a few seconds to appear due to how the page loads and displays.

Step 1C: Album view

  • When viewing an image directly, such as from the album view, the options are visible underneath the image by default, to the right of the image comments.

  • Click Report Photo.

Step 2

  • Click I think it shouldn't be on Facebook, then click Continue.

Step 3

  • Click Something else, then click Continue to take you to another set of options.

Step 3b

  • Click This insults or attacks someone based on their religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation, then click Continue.

After clicking Continue there is still one more step in registering your complaint with Facebook.

Before Facebook accepts a report, it presents an additional dialogue encouraging other options.

Do not attempt to message the person who uploaded the content!

If the content was posted with the intention to offend (as is often the case when dealing with internet 'trolls'), and the offending party is engaged in direct communication, then complaining to them may result in you being targeted for more personal harassment!

Step 4

  • Click Submit to Facebook for Review.

Step 5

  • Once the report has been submitted you can click Done to close the reporting interface.

Don't Forget!

  • Remember to add your reported item to so we can monitor the time taken by Facebook to remove the content.

  • You can find the links to your reported items on Facebook from the Support Inbox.