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Individuals, organisations, sponsors, experts, current and former Members of Parliament, and members of the media all have a role to play in this campaign as we strive to eliminate Anti-Muslim online hate.

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  • Do you want to challenge Anti-Muslim hate?

  • Do you want to be a part of a campaign that strives to eliminate Anti-Muslim online hate?

Information for individuals is below. Additional information is available on the opportunities for involvement by organisations, sponsors, experts, current and former Members of Parliament, and members of the media.

Report the hate

There are three aspects to reporting anti-Muslim hate. First is identifying the hate, second is reporting it to the social media platform (Facebook, Twitter or YouTube) and the third is reporting it to OHPI’s online hate reporting tool It is important that the hate is reported both to the social media platform and to our tool for this campaign to work.

Reporting items to the social media platform will ensure that the platform has been notified about them, and gives them the opportunity to remove the hate. Reporting them to our tool will allow us to record the item and track the platform's response. We will collect rich data on the volume and nature of anti-Muslim hate on these platforms, and also on the speed and accuracy of the platform’s response to anti-Muslim hate reports.

Take Action:

  1. Find the hate. See our tips on identifing anti-Muslim hate.
  2. Report it to the platform. For help, see our guides to:
  3. Report to For help, see our guide.
    Here's how to find the hyperlinks to all the comments, posts, pages, images on Facebook that you report

Raise the funds

Just as important as reporting is fundraising. Unless we reach our minimum goal of $5,000 we will have to end the campaign early with only a small amount of data collected. Our reporting system is cloud based and the more we all use it, the higher the cost.

To do everything we would like for this campaign would cost $40,000. That includes not only the running costs, but the staff time to process the data and compile the reports, as well as the printing costs of publishing those reports and mailing them to key decision makers. The more we raise for SAMIH, the more impact it will have.

To make the campaign more scalable we have divided the project into eight stages. When the total funding reaches the next target, a new stage will be added to the project. Details on the levels of funding required and what this would enable can be seen at the crowdfunding site.

The funding will come from crowdfunding, sponsorship and partners. You can help by making a donation yourself and sharing it in social media, and by promoting all three avenues of fundraising to appropriate people and places. You may find sharing this SBS News story about the campaign helpful.

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