Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Samih?

Samih is a project of the Online Hate Prevention Institute, an independent Australian charity dedicated to combating the harm that results from all forms of online hate.

Why are you focusing on anti-Muslim hate?

This is the second Spotlight campaign, the previous campaign focus on antisemitism. This campaign was initiated in response to the rising anti-Muslim hate we are currently seeing online.

The impact of the brutal acts of Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, violent extremism and the threat of violent extremism from Daesh and its supporters in the West, and the refugee crisis as people flee Syria, are all being felt around the world.

Condemnation of those engaged in this brutality and the promotion of violent extremism is well deserved and fully justified. What’s completely unjustified and wrong, however, is responding to these concerns with vilification and hate against anyone who is or appears to be Muslim.

Why do you need money and where does it go?

Funds collected for the SAMIH Campaign go to the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI), a registered Australian Charity. The total cost of fully implementing the campaign is $86,700. OHPI are putting in between $36,600 to $46,700 to support the campaign. We need to raise the rest from donations, sponsorships and partnerships.

The campaign costs include technology costs, publishing costs, promotional costs and staff costs. The technology costs, publishing costs, and promotional costs will be fully paid for out of funds raised to support the campaign. The contribution to the campaign by OHPI will fully offset the staff costs for two thirds of the fully implemented campaign. This will fully cover the data collection phase. The research time to analyse the data, produce briefings and reports, and to archive all the hate data will be partially paid for out of the additional funds raised by the campaign and partially paid for by OHPI.

Best, average and worst case budgets for the project can be seen here.

How do I contact you?

The best way to contact us is through the Online Hate Prevention Institute's contact page.

Why is the count not going up?

The count of items will only go up when a new item is reported for the first time. The counter is starting at zero for this campaign, but the system does already have around 500 items of anti-Muslim hate registered. If you report one of these items again, the counter will also not increase.

How can I identify anti-Muslim hate on social media?

Anti-Muslim hate can be subjective. We don't consider every criticism of religious edicts and doctrines hate. However, it crosses the line when the comments starts generalising, spreading fear of and negatively stereotyping every adherent of the faith. Here are our tips on identifing anti-Muslim hate.

What is the reporting process for SAMIH?

  1. Report items to the platform. For help, see our guides to:
  2. Report to For help, see our guide.
    Here's how to find the hyperlinks to all the comments, posts, pages, images on Facebook that you report

New questions and answers will be added here as they occur.

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