Over a two month period, from September 24th to November 24th, the Samih (Spotlight on Anti-Muslim Internet Hate) campaign will promote the reporting of anti-Muslim hate on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to both the social media platforms and to the FightAgainstHate.com reporting platform.

The collation of reports in FightAgainstHate.com, including the classification of the reported items, will provide vital data on the nature and prevalence of different types of anti-Muslim hate. It will provide transparency on how the platforms respond to users’ reports and follow up where items are not removed. Past experience indicates this is essential as only a very small number of reports are removed based on public reports alone.

Samih is a project of the Online Hate Prevention Institute, an independent Australian charity dedicated to combating the harm that results from all forms of online hate from racism and religious vilification to cyberbullying and serious trolling.

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