Inviting someone to use Fight Against Hate

Click here if you have received an invitation to use Fight Against Hate.

  1. Invitations Button

    When you are logged into your Fight Against Hate account, you may have the option to invite other users to register.

    If you have invitations available to use, the number will be visible on the Invite a user button, underneath the View Team Members button on your home screen.

    Click Invite a user to access an invitation form.

    If you have no remaining invitations available, the Invite a user button will not be displayed.

    If you invite someone to use Fight Against Hate and they register using your invitation, they will be added as a member of your team.

  2. Invitation Form

    Input the email address of the person you wish to invite.

    You can input an additional message which will be sent with the invitation.

    Click Send Invite

  3. Invitation Sent

    You will be returned to the front page, and will see the following status message:

    Invitation issued to <email address invitation was sent to>.

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