How to report a YouTube user

You must be logged into YouTube to report an account, but if you have any Google account (such as gmail) you will already have a valid login due to their unified services.

* YouTube channels are reported in the same manner as users.

Step 1

  • Go to the user's YouTube page

Step 2

  • Click About to go to the user's About page

Step 3

  • Click the flag icon at the top-left

  • Click Report user in the drop-down

Step 4

  • Select the type of offense; in this case Hate speech against a protected group

  • Hovering the mouse over the question mark pops up a tooltip with descriptions of what each option covers

Step 5

  • Click Continue to submit the report

Don't Forget!

  • Remember to add your reported item to Fight Against Hate so we can monitor the time taken by YouTube to remove the content, and also alert the government agencies, NGOs and academics who study online hate

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