Frequently Asked Questions

What do points do?

In the Fight Against Hate software you are awarded points every time you submit a report. There are additional points if you are the first person to report something.

For now you can collect these points, but you can't yet use them.

Later in the year you will be able to start trading points for various actions and abilities, for example:

  • Forming your own team
  • Paying for account upgrades using points instead of currency (upgrades could, for example, give you summary statistics on the volume of a particular type of hate being reported)

How are rankings calculated?

Rankings list global user positions based on their statistics, but are currently only based on the number of reports made. (i.e. the person who made the most reports is #1, the second most #2 etc.)

There will be other ranking options in the future, such as by who has made the most reports where they are the first to report an item to the system.

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